Passover Teiglach

Our Teiglach is served on a pretty glass plate. The family helps themselves with their fingers, pulling apart the sweet, sticky pieces.

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This is what I would call a well-loved recipe card.

I just made this for the first time in over 20 years. My grandmother, Mollye, in her later years, would have me come over to help make the dough and to lift the pot to pour out the hot teiglach onto the board. The weirdest step in her process is when she would go to my grandfather’s liquor cabinet, take out a bottle of bourbon, pour a little into her hands and then pat down the board. I don’t understand it—yet I do continue the tradition.

Form the dough into 1/2″ coils, then cut into 1/2″ pieces.

Boil the dough for 10 minutes to set their shape.

Pour into an oven-proof dish, and place in a 375 degree oven. Give the dough a gentle stir every few minutes. When dark, thick, and bubbly, (about 12–15 minutes) remove from oven to prepared board. 

Pour the cooked teiglach out onto a board to cool–but first pat down the board with a little whiskey!

6 thoughts on “Passover Teiglach

  1. About that bourbon…my niece and nephew make a killer pie crust which contains vodka instead of water. Their explanation is that the evaporation of the vodka lowers the temperature and makes for a flakier crust. Perhaps the bourbon is intended for the same purpose? And I did make their pie crust recipe down in Memphis using bourbon once, because it was the only booze in the house; it came out just fine!

    • I don’t claim to be a scholar——just documenting my family’s recipes. I’m sure that this recipe will work beautifully without any alcohol at all. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hello! I remember eating teiglach for Passover every year, but can’t seem to find any recipes besides this online. Can you confirm the ingredients list and process? It looks like the picture says:
    6 eggs
    2c matzo meal
    Salt to taste
    2c sugar
    1lb honey
    4+ c water

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