The plate is your canvas

A Gallery of Your Food Masterpieces

This page is a gallery of photos, submitted by my blog readers.

Esther made fudge and sent this photo. ” I put the nuts on top so they could be optional,” she wrote, which I think is a terrific idea. This looks much better than when I made it!

Ben, in Melbourne, with Kristine’s Potato Salad.

Max with his morning oatmeal. Champaign, Illinois.

Want to read more great recipes from The Walker Cafe?

The Plate is My Canvas: Recipes and Stories from My Family’s Interfaith Kitchen

Written in the style of a family memoir, with stories from the author’s family, this book includes all of the Jewish classics, from rugelach to latkes. Married to a Lutheran man, Walker learned to cook her husband’s family’s classics as well—with help from her mother-in-law’s handwritten recipes. Stunning photographs accompany each recipe. A perfect gift for an interfaith family.

Essential Passover from Scratch: Recipes and Stories from My Mother’s Kitchen

From gefilte fish and prepared horseradish to charoset, chicken soup, and matzo balls, Dori Gordon Walker’s family cooks from scratch—and sometimes without a recipe. Growing up in an Ashkenazi Jewish family and watching her mother add a handful of this and a dash of that, Walker has since gathered her memories into clear, easy-to-follow recipes. With each recipe beautifully photographed, Essential Passover From Scratch offers the very best from the author’s kitchen.

You Can’t Have Dry Coffee: Papa’s Excuse to Have a Nosh And Nana’s Perfect Pastries

“You can’t have dry coffee,” was what my grandfather would say when reaching for one of my grandmother’s delicious cookies or pastries. Elegant rugelach and mandel bread, tart plum cake, delicate cream cheese cookies, and sweet babka—these fancy treats started me on my life-long love of baking. Along with those classics, this collection has challahs, bagels, bialys, plus modern-day luscious treats like chocolate cream cheese brownies, and the best chewy, peanut butter chocolate cookies I’ve ever had.Whether my grandfather was being ironic, or if something was lost in translation from Yiddish, I’ll never know. But ironic or not, a cup of coffee needs a good nosh, and this book is a compilation of our family’s best.

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