Playing with my food.

Careful placement of the seeds really brings out the braid on this loaf.

I went to Mary Pat and Dave’s going away party last night. Our beloved, former neighbors, who are now friends for life, are moving to New Zealand. The party invitation said that, if we liked, we could bring bread or a dessert. Bread. I can do that.

I did something new with this challah, taking extra time to carefully place the seeds. I poured the seeds into a small, thin-edged metal measuring cup, and very carefully shook them into place on the glazed bread before baking, creating a lovingly prepared piece of edible art.

One thought on “Playing with my food.

  1. Last month I attended a fancy faculty lecture (for lack of patience to find a better word) at the University of Chicago. The lecturer was a composer reflecting on her work and afterwards at the reception I asked a number of people if being obsessive was necessary to art. The tentative answer I came up with based on that input and my own thought was that it was common, but was not absolutely necessary.

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