An awesome idea for a summer meal: Shrimp salad

Cooked shrimp, green onions, hard boiled eggs, mayo with a dash of ketchup and salt—that's it.

You never know what will be a winner. Tonight my 91 year old father used the word “awesome” to describe our dinner. I’ve never heard him use that word before. Maybe my children have become a bad influence on him? This shrimp salad can be made in the time it takes to hard boil an egg. I served it with some sliced, toasted and buttered ciabatta bread and some extremely fresh and cold watermelon. Also, I put the salad on a bed of iceberg lettuce, because sometimes you have to go for the cold crunch of iceberg and save the nutritious dark green lettuces for a night when it’s not quite so hot. It really was an awesome summer meal.

One thought on “An awesome idea for a summer meal: Shrimp salad

  1. I appreciate your flexibility, your lack of committed purity and faddism. In this case, I liked hearing someone make a case for iceberg lettuce. It’s not so much that I am a big fan of it as I consider it dissed and downtrodden by its pricey brethren.

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