Lunch: a Mélange of leftovers

Try it—you'll like it!

My daughter Molly requested that I write a post about this “recipe,” which is one of our favorite ways to create a bowl of lunch. It calls to mind stories I’ve heard about my husband’s grandfather, Lloyd, who used to take leftovers for lunch, made from the previous night’s dinner foods, all poured together inside a mason jar. Lloyd worked in a bakery and he’d set the big mason jar—heaped full of leftover mashed potatoes, meat, green bean casserole, and whatnot—on top of the bakery oven to warm. Apparently it drove Mrs. Lloyd a little crazy watching all of her lovingly prepared dishes spooned all together into one lump.

Along those lines, today for lunch I took the little bit of left-over mixed vegetables from last night, topped them with a dab of leftover spaghetti from last Wednesday’s pasta night along with the remains of the baked chicken that we had from Yom Kippur. Delicious. This would be at least $12.50 at a fancy restaurant, and they’d have a fancy name for it, too.

Molly’s favorite is leftover rice, mixed with vegetables and just a bit of chopped up meat. We call that one “not-fried rice.”

3 thoughts on “Lunch: a Mélange of leftovers

  1. ” leftover rice, mixed with vegetables and just a bit of chopped up meat.” is a favorite of mine. I always try to make too much rice so I can eat the rice-veggie-meat for a day or two.

  2. I do this for dinner now and them. And then I can take the leftover leftovers to work for lunch the next day. When I was in college, we always combined leftovers in to a bottomless, constantly changing pot of soup-like stuff we called “Food Stew.” It’s a wonder non of us died of food poisoning.

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