Sunrise Rye with Provolone and Tart Jam

I started eating rye toast this week, which is a sure sign that I am becoming an old person. My sister disagrees, since she has always enjoyed rye toast. Nevertheless, after surprising myself by ordering it at the local diner at breakfast on Monday, I actually purchased an entire loaf at the supermarket. Necessity being the mother of invention, I made today’s breakfast. Startlingly tasty, it’s a very youthful way to enjoy rye.

Sunrise Rye

Toast the rye bread and lightly butter one side. Cut a piece of provolone in half, lay it over the buttered side and place the toast under the broiler until the cheese melts. Top with a tart preserves (I used cherry-blueberry), or marmalade.

4 thoughts on “Sunrise Rye with Provolone and Tart Jam

  1. Yum. Jam and cheese is an excellent combination! Growing up, apricot jam and cheddar cheese (sliced very thin) was a favorite in our house. Miss you, Dori! Give Ari a hug for me if you see him today.

  2. My kids grew up on grilled cheese with jam. Usually wheat bread and cheddar cheese, but it’s been rye. I started eating it when I babysat for Jane and Ruth Root in Glencoe because they only had Swiss Cheese which was too bitter for me without the jam.

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