Plan your week.

I’m doing what I mean to do every Sunday, and that is to plan the entire week’s menu in advance. It takes a few quiet minutes, and will save a lot of time in the upcoming week. Here’s my plan for the upcoming week:

Sunday: Tamale Pie from Laurel’s Kitchen Cookbook, broccoli, and orange slices. (Option B for my dad, who doesn’t like spicy: fish fillet, baked potato.)

Monday: Homemade macaroni- cheese-vegetable dish.

Tuesday: Tilapia marinated in neighbor Ben’s charmoula sauce, rice,  frozen mixed vegies, fruit salad.

Wednesday: Tortellini with an easy tomato sauce, crusty bread, cauliflower, green salad.

Thursday: Sausage and bean dish, polenta, broccoli, green salad.

Friday: Rotisserie chicken, creamed fresh spinach, sweet potatoes, challah.

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