Having fun with an after-school snack: summer fruit in April

Watermelon, raspberries and a slice of Provolone made a wonderful after-school snack today.

I saw corn coming up in the fields today. With summer giving us a tease, I decided to splurge on some summer fruit.

On Tuesdays Molly Rose, a classmate and friend of Joe’s,  comes home with us after school. Today we stopped off at our big American warehouse store, Sam’s Club so I could pick up a few things. Both Molly and Joe are terrific helpers, pushing the cart and plucking items off the shelf at my direction. When I was a kid my mother would let us pick out a package of cookies from the store. Today I told Joe and Molly Rose that they could each pick out any fruit they wanted to have as a snack when we got back home. Cookies would no doubt have cost less, but what a treat to have watermelon and raspberries in April.

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