A note about seeds on your challah

Tonight I made our challah with three kinds of seeds: sunflower, sesame and poppy. It makes a lovely bread, and while it bakes the seeds get toasted adding a flavorful crunch to the crust.

If you want to put seeds on baked goods, then do so deliberately, with focused intention. Don’t just dump them willy-nilly all over the top. Be mindful of the process. Have a plan and go about your business executing it in good taste.

3 thoughts on “A note about seeds on your challah

  1. Greetings Dori,

    Your friend Becca sent me this way! Whatta treat to behold. I agree with the comment above…your photos are quite sumptous as are the recipes! I look forward to trying our your tips and theories.

    Have a blessed weekend (I am sure it will be tasty!)


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