Italian plums are here!

Prune plums or Italian plums.

These plums are only available for a couple of weeks each fall, and are ideal for baking or making jam. If you want to save them for a later date, they freeze quite well. To freeze, cut them in half, remove the pit, and place the plums in a freezer-type ziplock bag.

Today I’ll be making jam, this weekend I’ll make my mother’s plum cake.  Click here for the plum cake recipe.

Stay tuned as I attempt a new recipe idea: black bottom brownies.

2 thoughts on “Italian plums are here!

  1. I used the Ball canning book preserves recipe (they don’t have a plum jam recipe) and made 4 half pints. Pretty tasty but very sweet.

    • That’s too bad that it came out very sweet. I think the old recipes like to use one part fruit to one part sugar which I find too sweet as well. Depending on how tart I think the batch of fruit is, I might cut down to one part fruit to one half sugar, or something in between. It really depends on your taste in jams.

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